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Raising the Floor – US

Raising the Floor US (RtF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in Washington, D.C. It works to promote digital inclusion through its projects and products, which include Morphic and AT-on-Demand, both free, open-source assistive technology tools developed by an international collaborative effort led by the University of Maryland’s Trace Center and funded through US, Canadian, and European Commission grants.

Morphic helps everyone find and use valuable features that simplify their computer experience. Morphic’s innovative approach to making computers easier and more accessible helps ensure that organizations can better serve people with disabilities, age-related limitations, or other barriers. Whether it’s students, patrons, employees, clients, or constituents, Morphic can help organizations provide more equitable opportunities. Watch the short Morphic video

AT-on-Demand (AToD) helps people who need assistive technologies (AT) to use any computer they encounter and need to use. AToD is currently in development from Raising the Floor as a new service that will work together with its free Morphic software. This ground-breaking technology is designed to allow users to have the AT they need available for them on any PC or Mac computer they encounter, at any time or place, regardless of whether the AT software is installed on the computer or not – providing a level of digital equity to their peers not possible before. See the 5 min AToD video



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