Mission & Our beliefs

Mission & Beliefs

Those who cannot access and use technologies are increasingly being put at a distinct economic, social, and educational disadvantage in comparison to those who do have access.

The Internet is rapidly becoming important to an individual’s ability to participate and compete in society. People who are experiencing temporary or permanent functional limitations due to disability, literacy skills or effects of aging should be able to access these Internet resources as freely as their peers.


Raising the Floor seeks to ensure:

  • that there is a solution for anyone facing barriers to accessing digital technologies due to disability, literacy level, or effects of aging,
  • that these solutions are effective enough to provide access to the ever evolving digital technologies that are entering every aspect of modern life so that these technologies lead to inclusion rather than exclusion
  • that these solutions are simple enough to understand, setup, and use that everyone can use them and
  • that these access technologies are affordable for those of all socio-economic levels and all communities.

Our approach, an open collaborative process

We aim to maximize the portion of the problem that can be addressed through normal market mechanisms, and minimize that which needs to be addressed through government or philanthropic resources – but also provide a means to reach those that the market cannot.

We use an open collaborative process to maximize progress by allowing all to build upon each others’ work and lower the cost to develop and maintain access software for all.  Any infrastructure must support both open source and proprietary,  commercial and free solutions,  all on a level playing field.    We foster adaptation that can accommodate different needs, languages and cultures.