About us

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We seek to ensure that existing and future technologies are accessible to everyone with disability, literacy, and aging-related barriers, regardless of their economic status.

We are facilitators. We create tools and infrastructures to enable others.

We work on creating a framework and the necessary tools to make it easier to build inclusion into all digital interfaces. We aim to ensure that everyone who has trouble using the current digital interfaces they encounter on any information and communication technologies (ICT)  is able to have that interface change into one they can understand and use — so they can use the same ICT as everyone else, alongside everyone else.

We are building a Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII) to make it easier and less expensive to create an inclusive (digital) society

We are a Consortium of people and organizations engaged in a broad range of activities: commercial, academic, voluntary, and governmental. We provide unobtrusive assistance to making possible digitally inclusive solutions.

Our movement has grown to over 300 individuals and over 50 companies, universities and organizations.