R & D

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We are involved in research projects developing the various components of the GPII . We have a multidimensional approach and we work on R & D projects focused on technical development, end users, and creating an economically sustainable ecosystem so that everybody can access the Internet.



Automatic personalization of user’s preferences stored in the cloud in any device and anytime. 

Floe aims to provide the resources needed to enable inclusive access to personally relevant, engaging learning opportunities for the full diversity of learners and content producers.

Defining a cross-platform preference acquisition system to acquire a user’s needs and preferences for accessing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as part of a cloud-based Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII).

Developing a sustainable infrastructure to enable the ecosystem to evolve to one where it is easier to create, market, find and use solutions to help reduce the accessibility gap

The desired outcome of this work is an integration of the various technologies used by individuals with disabilities in the home, the community, and the workplace. It includes a broad research and development program, as well as training, technical assistance, and dissemination activities.