Be your unique self wherever you are. Make yourself at home wherever you are, whatever you are doing (when convenient)

Autopersonalization is where users of the widest spectrum of preferences and needs can create unique, personalized, automatically adapted interaction experiences for multiple devices.

By registering (online) their needs and preferences for interacting with ICT.

By creating or requesting the token (USB, Card, ring, other) that will prompt a device to pull the previously registered personal interaction preferences.

By providing easy steps for them to personally install the necessary technology for their most commonly used devices, so these can respond to their previously registered preferences.

By providing a list of resources for getting unique interaction experiences: to start with, by offering the a way to easily integrate UI options to their personal or work websites (easy steps + assistance), AND expect to grow in resources related to auto personalization. As new technologies are developed, as GPII is adopted, the possibilities for end-users will evolve.