Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII)

The GPII will combine cloud computing, web, and platform services to make access simpler, more inclusive, available everywhere, and more affordable.


The Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII) is focused on anyone who has trouble using information and communication technologies (ICT) effectively. The GPII will allow users to invoke the access features they need on any device they want to use. 


The GPII is based on three major components that work together like three legs of a tripod.  All three are necessary to ensure that this new digital world that we are creating will truly be usable by us all:

  1. A way to discover what each of us needs to use this new world

  2. A way to have whatever we need appear (or happen to) every device or digital material we have to use –  when and where we have to use it.

  3. A way to make it easier and less expensing to create new, more affordable (for us and society) new solutions


For the GPII to become a reality users, developers and service providers need an entry point to this inclusive environment.

  • AUTOPERSONALIZATION: Preferences for every user. In AUTOPERSONALIZATION everything with digital interface auto adapts to what the user needs.
  • DEVELOPER SPACE: the meeting point for all development resources of  the “infrastructure”  where it is easier to create, market, find and use solutions to help reduce the accessibility gap.   
  • UNIFIED LISTING: the directory where users, providers and developers can search and find inclusive and accessible services and resources.