What We Do

Picture from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., presents a woman talking with a dead-blind woman using tactile sign language. Credits: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - http://www.flickr.com/photos/nasa_goddard/9036945500/in/set-72157634111838614/

Raising the Floor facilitates the development and awareness of resources and products to advance digital equality.

Our main efforts are dedicated to facilitating the creation of a global infrastructure of such resources for inclusion.

To date our work has focused on three major components, all of which are necessary to ensure that this new digital world that we are creating will truly be usable by us all:

  1. A way to discover existing solutions for different digital access and use preferences (Unified Listing)
  2. A way to make it easier for people to use auto-personalization solutions and preferences on any digital technologies. This work has led to Morphic, which has spun off as a mainstream digital simplification product that includes accessibility - bringing inclusion with it.
  3. A way to make it easier and less expensing to create new, more affordable (for us and society) solutions (DeveloperSpace).

This work is the result of a collective effort of over 50 organizations from 13 different countries and the multidisciplinary expertise of top research centers, universities, companies, data protection agencies and public and non-profit organisations.