Raising the Floor - International

Raising the Floor - International is a non-profit association based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Raising the Floor was founded in 2010 to facilitate global collaboration amongst leading inclusive-centered professionals, designers and developers, committed to digital inclusion

We carry out research, development and education activities in collaboration with researchers, industry, organizations and individuals interested in creating a more accessible information infrastructure and tools.

For further information about our work and projects, please visit What We Do.


  • Picture of Gregg Vanderheiden

    Gregg Vanderheiden

    Co-Founder, President and Co-Director

  • Picture of Jutta Treviranus

    Jutta Treviranus

    Co-Founder, Secretary and Co-Director

  • Picture of Patrick Roe

    Patrick Roe


  • Picture of Eva de Lera

    Eva de Lera

    Executive Director and European Program Manager

  • Picture of Ben Isaacson

    Ben Isaacson

    Data Privacy Officer (DPO)