Customizable shortcuts

This feature would provide customizable shortcuts for webpages that allow users to jump to the content that they need. For example, pressing “S” may always jump to the Search box on any page, while “C” would jump to contact information, etc.

One method for doing this could be to leverage ARIA roles to develop consistent shortcuts. The user could define personalized keystroke combinations that always jump to a defined and common ARIA role, such as where “role=search.”

Discussion by Disabilities

Blind and Low Vision

  • This feature can be used with screen readers to quickly jump to the desired content without a visual interface.


  • This feature can be used by people with physical disabilities to quickly jump to the desired content without needing to scroll throughout the page.

Existing Products

These products are not necessarily endorsed by RtF, but represent the range of available options.

  • Simple shortcuts are built into most operating systems and web browsers.

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