LowBrowse is being developed by the vision research staff at Lighthouse International to facilitate the ability of users with visual impairments to browse the web.

LowBrowseTM is an add-on to Mozilla’s Firefox browser that enables people with moderate or severe low vision to view web pages as the original web author intended, as well as read the text on those pages in a format that is tailored to their own visual needs.


Some of the features of this new extension include:

  • a reading frame at the top of the browser in which users can customize font, text size, color contrast and letter spacing while preserving the original site layout below
  • image enlargement
  • speech capability
  • and much more.

For more information and a free download, visit the LowBrowse Home Page.

Get Involved

Contact the owner(s) through the project’s website to learn about involvement opportunities: LowBrowse Home Page.