Society and governments

Image with text saying public and policymakers

The GPII provides the public and, society, and policymakers with a much better way to be able to ensure that all of the citizens are included, able to be independent or independent longer, and to do so at lower cost so that they are able to provide more benefit to more individuals. We are living in a time of scarce resources. Our current method for accommodating individual needs specialized interfaces is currently only reaching about 15% of those who need them. As we enter an age where access to digital technologies is needed for almost every aspect of life from education to employment to health to daily living, if we are not able to allow all of our citizens to be able to access the digital technologies, then we will have even more individuals unable to live independently, inductively, and successfully. While lack of independence or any reduction in independence is a tragedy on an individual level, and it is a disaster on the society from an economic standpoint.

The GPII will not solve any of societies problems. But it does provide an infrastructure that makes it easier for people to find solutions, less expensive for vendors to create them, easier for vendors to reach a broader audience also lowering the cost, and much easier for users to find and use these solutions on the technologies they are encountering every day. In much the same way that the infrastructure of roads has allowed us to revolutionize commerce and transportation, and the invention of the Internet allowed us to revolutionize information and communication technologies, the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII) can help us revolutionize or reinvent how we do adaptive and inclusive technologies making it much easier to use, develop, market, and use. All of these are good news for us as citizens who age and will need these accommodations, and those of us as citizens who want to be able to meet the needs of those who currently need accommodations in order to be able to participate in our increasingly digital society and live as independently as possible for as long as possible.