Employers, of all types


The GPII can help employers by making it easier for them to accommodate the needs of different employees. When a new employee comes in if they already have a “Needs and Preferences set” and the employer’s computers are GPII compatible, the user would simply need to come up to their workstation, use their KeyToken, and the workstation would automatically configure to meet their needs.

If the employer uses hoteling for workspaces where different users may be sitting at a workstation at different times of the day or on different days, the GPII can be of use not only for their employees with special needs but for all of their employees. Whenever any employee sits down to a workstation it would automatically be configured to meet that particular individuals needs. Moreover, this would go beyond the types of configuration that come with simply logging in and having the system preferences pulled down from the server. With the GPII it can allow the individual to have a much broader range of preferences and settings carried around with them and applied on any computer they need to use. The settings can also work across platforms, and in different environments.

The GPII could, therefore, make it much easier for employers to accommodate new employees or to allow growing employees much greater mobility within the company. The GPII can also help employers keep track of the latest versions or new technology or solutions that can make their employees more productive.

Finally, the GPII can help companies make their websites and other products more adaptable to individuals with a greater range of needs and abilities. For example, websites or products could automatically change between versions that are tuned for younger or more technical users and those that would work better for individuals who are older or who have difficulty seeing or dealing with complexity for any reason.