Jutta Treviranus

Photo of Jutta Treviranus Jutta Treviranus is the Director of the Inclusive Design Research Centre (IDRC) and professor at OCAD University in Toronto, formerly the Adaptive Technology Resource Centre. The IDRC conducts proactive research and development in the inclusive design of emerging information and communication technology and practices. Jutta also heads the Inclusive Design Institute a multi-university regional centre of expertise on inclusive design. Jutta has led many international multi-partner research networks that have created broadly implemented technical innovations that support inclusion. These include the Fluid Project, Fluid Engage, CulturAll, Stretch, FLOE and many others. Jutta and her team have pioneered personalization as an approach to accessibility in the digital domain. She has played a leading role in developing accessibility legislation, standards and specifications internationally (including WAI ATAG, IMS AccessForAll, ISO 24751 , and AODA Information and Communication).

Prof Treviranus is internationally recognized for her expertise on barrier-free access to information technology. She has more than 25 years of research, clinical and management experience in the field of access technology and has lead a large number of national and international multi-partner research projects. She has published in many areas related to alternative access. She is chair of the pivotal W3C Authoring Tool Working Group, chair of the IMS AccessForAll Specification Working Groups, Project Editor within ISO/IEC JTC1 SC36, as well as a member of a number of key advisory panels, boards and task forces. Awards for Jutta and her center include the American Foundation for the Blind Access Award (1998), the Trophées du Libre for Open Source Development, and the Dr. Dayton M. Forman Memorial Award.  


To contact Jutta directly, send an email to info@raisingthefloor.org with [ATTN JUTTA] in the subject.