Deaf and Hard of Hearing Discussion Group

The objective of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Discussion Group (DHHDG) is to identify the needs and preferred access features of people with various types of hearing problems. This group will work in conjunction with the Access Features MasterList group to determine necessary features to transform web content into a non-auditory format that is usable by individuals with limited or no hearing.

One deliverable from this group will be a list of potential solutions and an analysis of their relative usefulness to people with different hearing issues and severity. This group will communicate with software exploration, research, and development projects to experiment with new technologies and methods.

Possible areas of discussion and research include automatic captioning of multimedia, speech recognition, and translation to/from sign language.

This discussion group is being spearheaded by Norman Williams, an expert in the field from Gallaudet University.

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The discussion group is currently in the formation stage. If you are interested in this project or have something to contribute include  [DHHDG] in the subject line of an email to, or enter your email address below to subscribe to our mailing list through Google Groups.

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